APRIL 2018 - The pasta issue

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In this issue, Susan Van Allen explores this age-old celebration that gets a boost from a modern- day entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer. In the meantime, Lauren Birmingham Piscitelli visits Florence and discovers the many treasurers of Oltrarno, a neighborhood located across the Arno river. Not only does she find beautiful buildings with intriguing histories, she encounters a festive array of vendors and local farmers selling unique goods and produce. It’s a reminder that while winter is dark and cold in some parts of the world, the promise of spring is just around the corner. To keep you busy until it arrives, we also include recipes that will warm your body, spirit and kitchen. Plus, wine writer Patricia Thomson suggests eight selections to pair with your winter meals.

When we first launched Tastes of Italia in 2000, we called it Pasta and it featured 41 easy pasta recipes you could make at home, along with tips on how to pick wines for Italian dishes and several other features and recipes. That issue won an award from the Western Publishing Association for the best new magazine of the year. Inspired, we kept going, but realized that Pasta didn’t fully embrace everything that Italian cooking is. So we changed the name. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to bringing you the flavors and beauty of Italian cooking. So with this issue we go back to our roots, embracing the beauty of pasta — a staple of the Italian table — even as we move into the future. This issue, 18 years after the first, is delivered to you in a digital format, in keeping with the times.

New issue of Tastes of Italia coming soon. Check back every two months for the latest issue. Enjoy